kuatkan aku,

lindungi ku dari putus asa,

jika ku harus mati,

pertemukan aku denganMu"

[Muhasabah Cinta- Edcoustic]

Friday, December 27, 2013

Little courage.

the thing about courage is that it is something we have to learn and relearn our entire lives.

yeah, thats about courage.

we learn and relearn. mostly by experience and to be more prepare we seek from theories or others stories, advices etc. then interpret by our own definition.

sometimes, when you look back there will be things you regret. thinking as you made the wrong decision.

nope, actually.
You made the right decision.

Whatever decision you make is the only one you could make.
Otherwise you would make a different one.
So what is there a regret?

keep learning people :)

Kak tehah, jodoh Allah yg tentukan
Kdg2 kita rasa dia bkn yg terbaik, tp sbnrnya apa yg Allah aturkan dh terbaik kak
Sbb Allah lagi tau apa yg kita perlu
Percaya dgn keyakinan yg Allah beri kak
InsyaAllah, kalau tu yg terbaik Allah pasti mudahkan
Just tell the heart to keep calm and continue believing in Allah

its not totally about 'jodoh'. its about life.

and its too big.

Tuhan, kuatkan aku, lindungi ku dari putus asa :'(

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