kuatkan aku,

lindungi ku dari putus asa,

jika ku harus mati,

pertemukan aku denganMu"

[Muhasabah Cinta- Edcoustic]

Saturday, December 28, 2013


A young couple moves into a new neighborhood. The next morning while they are eating breakfast, the young woman sees her neighbor hanging the wash outside. "That laundry is not very clean; she doesn't know how to wash correctly. Perhaps she needs better laundry soap." Her husband looks on, remaining silent. Every time her neighbor hangs her wash to dry, the young woman makes the same comments. A month later, the woman is surprised to see a nice clean wash on the line and says to her husband: "Look, she's finally learned how to wash correctly. I wonder who taught her this? " The husband replies, "I got up early this morning and cleaned our windows." And so it is with life... What we see when watching others depends on the clarity of the window through which we look.

a copy of story. cukup untuk menampar diri.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Little courage.

the thing about courage is that it is something we have to learn and relearn our entire lives.

yeah, thats about courage.

we learn and relearn. mostly by experience and to be more prepare we seek from theories or others stories, advices etc. then interpret by our own definition.

sometimes, when you look back there will be things you regret. thinking as you made the wrong decision.

nope, actually.
You made the right decision.

Whatever decision you make is the only one you could make.
Otherwise you would make a different one.
So what is there a regret?

keep learning people :)

Kak tehah, jodoh Allah yg tentukan
Kdg2 kita rasa dia bkn yg terbaik, tp sbnrnya apa yg Allah aturkan dh terbaik kak
Sbb Allah lagi tau apa yg kita perlu
Percaya dgn keyakinan yg Allah beri kak
InsyaAllah, kalau tu yg terbaik Allah pasti mudahkan
Just tell the heart to keep calm and continue believing in Allah

its not totally about 'jodoh'. its about life.

and its too big.

Tuhan, kuatkan aku, lindungi ku dari putus asa :'(

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


My emotion is cold as syitaak. >_< Sejuukkk. Nak menaip pn beku.

Emotional ni femes nye kat perempuan ye idok? Sudah di standardize kan begitu.

And for sure its quite difficult in communication.

So, for those people,

if the conversation is with feeling or in deep emotional plus innocently thinking and whatsoever, please and please don't leave us with the guilt and hesitation.

Allah ada. Rabbuna yusahhil :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

build it back.

selagi mana mentari masih bersinar. jangan pernah letih. pesan penulis sanjungan, "kau akan berhasil dalam setiap pelajaran dan kau harus percaya akan berhasil, dan berhasil lah kau. anggap semua pelajaran mudah dan semua akan jadi mudah. jangan takut pada pelajaran apa pun, kerana ketakutan itu sendiri kebodohan awal yang akan membodohkan semua".

-one of faizrodzi's istag caption-

nak sebut pasal pait satgi kontroversi plak. dakpe la, lama dah pun tak sembang. just take the deep meaning from the caption. anyway, to him : good luck in your interesting journey. may Allah ease you in everything and be a great man with a great mind, biiznillah.

and me? lately dah semakin kurang dan kurang berfikir hikmah pengajaran dari setiap apa yang berlaku. malas? takdak masa? serabut? heh..build it back please. clear off your mind~ purify your heart~ do less talking~

teringat pesan seseorang, the moment you felt everything seem so wrong, tengok balik your relationship with Allah.

"Dialah Tuhan yang menurunkan ketenangan dalam hati" [Al Fath:4]

always and always be positive, fatihah.

theres people behind you, your parents, family, friend and most all the time without careless, Allah :)

semua yang jadi ada hikmah, noted that.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

no other choice

back then, first time read this quote, i didn't get at all what its mean. that time i just googling few messages pictures for my friend which sort of sad and need some support.

" You'll never realize how strong you are until you have no other choice but to be strong "

hey myself, do you feel it now?

jangan takutttt, Allah ada :)

learn people learn.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

be happy

life is tough. it's always. everyone has their own stories to tell and their own problems to solve. we could never imagine other people's struggle in their life.

just like the hard stony road that we walked everyday in our university. when you walk this kind of road sometimes you need to slow down a bit and be careful not to slip.

yes, everything will be just fine insyaAllah.. :)


a bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on it's own wings. always believe in yourself dear myself :)

and keep moving fatihah, Allah always by your side!

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Sometimes you have to stop worrying and just have faith that things will work out. Maybe not how you planned, but just how they're supposed to :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Thinking about people

Sometimes thinking about others, may harm yourself
Sometimes thinking about others, may give benefits to your life
Sometimes thinking about others, may give a lots of hikmah as a guidance in our life

Just keep yourself positive and simple

People said, kita adalah fikiran kita dan bukan apa yang kita fikirkan tentang kita.


the happiest people don't have the best of everything,
they just make the best of everything,
life simply, speak kindly,
care deeply, love generously.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Bila apa yang jadi melawan kehendakmu.
Kau jerit.
Kau pekik.
Apa kes?
Beb. Kau pernah dengar perkataan takdir?
Tuhan tahu apa yang lebih baik buat engkau.
Pentas ini penuh pancaroba. Jatuh sekali bukan jatuh selamanya.

Tuhan ada. Tuhan ada.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ayah :)

the only man who's my heart always open to 

sanah helwah ayah! semoga rahmat Allah sentiasa bersama ayah :)
keep me motivated! keep me inspired!

Ya Allah, Kau lindungi dan berkati lah dia, peliharalah kesihatan dan tubuh badannya, panjangkan lah umurnya, satu-satunya yang ku cinta! :')

the number is only the number. stay healthy!

better late then never right. its on 27th october actually. 

yep, oktober too, haha. *happpyy alhamdulillah

amin & iman

hibbatullah zahra'ul iman :) welcome sweety! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

we without something..

"Aah, dalam hardisk tu ada 'Human Condition' (its a korean variety show actually). hang kena tengok, wajib tengok!"

haa, sampai kategori wajib, try la tengok satu siri.

Human Condition Living Without Hp, Television and Internet


watch from positive view of cos..

they lost their phone but gained their time
they all learned to deal with inconveniences
after all, they learned more
there is a way to deal with everything

because we live such a busy life, we don't know what we're missing

i learned that there were so many things that i didn't know about my friends. i learned hhow important they are to me. i learned that this is one world and we must live together

sometimes we must take a break and look back at what is really important to us


sometimes we must take a break and look back at what is really important to us.

what a great alternative your can learn something, but only for positive view for sure :)

hp umpama nyawa bagi setengah orang, and thats me. maybe we should try?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

figure it back

when there are someone, which you think you need to hold 

and you knew he/she got a problem

but all i could do is just seeing he/she from a far 

waiting he/she walk for the next step

praying and hope for the best 


sometimes, you just need a break. in a beautiful place. alone. to figure everything out


Saturday, October 5, 2013


All things in life are temporary.

if they are going well, enjoy them, they will not last forever. 

if they are going wrong, don't worry, they can't last long either.


hati semakin hari semakin sayuuu :(

seorang demi seorang T_T

winter is coming~

may Allah ease everythingggg, everyonee!

Friday, October 4, 2013


satu benda yang akan sentiasa dikenang. ukhwah.

semuanya dari Nya :)

bakal di kenang 


makin hari makin terasa. counting days :'( moga diberi kekuatan.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Oh, im missing home.

selamat hari lahir yg ke 58, mak!♥
semoga Allah sentiasa berkati hidup mak, penat lelah jaga kami 7 orang, sentiasa beri sokongan dan senyuman yg sentiasa di wajah, sentiasa sejukkan hati ni yang selalu serabut. rinduunya padanya ya Allah  :') 

Ya Allah, Kau lindungi dan berkati lah dia, peliharalah kesihatan dan tubuh badannya, panjangkan lah umurnya, satu-satunya yang ku cinta! :')

Oh, im missing home.
Bangun pagi terkenang suara-suara itu.
Moga Allah pelihara mereka sentiasa! :'(

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

deal with Allah

whatever sin you made, remember one thing about sin. 
if they are no big deal to you, then they are big deal to Allah. 
and if the sin are big deal to you, they are big problem for you, then they are small problem to Allah 
Allah will forgive you easily if you care a lot about your mistake 
if you don't ever care about your mistake, then there are very big jugdement because you didn't care. 
care from the heart..

Boyfriend & Girlfriend, Stop! It's Wrong | Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

today's subject : manusia

lebih specific : how your dealing with them?

cara tutur kata atau percakapan boleh mengubah makna setiap apa yang ingin di sampaikan. semuanya akan terkait dengan perasaan, perasaan marah, benci, suka, selesa. yeah, we keep growing older either growing better or worse. we need to learn to improve our self. jangan terlampau angkuh dan sombong. *sigh

i just realized, nak deal dengan manusia really need knowledge about them. when you knew you learned something from someone tak kisah la belajar from her/his attitude or anything else AND you should improve yourself. don't just keep bragging said yes, i learned this and that from that. make yourself do something not just saying it.

everything is simple as ever. don't be such a stone which complicate everyone else. ego, yep ego.


lately tiada tempat untuk berkongsi pendapat dan pandangan aka lonely. bukan tak da member tapi..seem semua tengah berdepan dengan masalah. facebook, twitter, istagram, tumblr, blog semua ada. di sini lebih privacy. so, akan difokus ke sini, meluahkan apa yang difikirkan buat tatapan diri di masa depan.

teringat someone said, why such people keep updating about hows they feel, whats are they doing on facebook and twitter. constantly and istiqamahly. and someone else said, they are lonely people. heh, so are you going to join them? haha maybe. just keep praying for me for not become such a ignorant people, nauzubillah.

Monday, September 23, 2013


nak lari dari benda alah lain, lain pulak yang dapat nyoo.

baru start engine kan ;) sabar.

p/s : semangat ni kena cari, kutip satu satuu..kalau tak kuat jatuh balik. yang penting usaha.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

maybe everyone have their own reason

yeah maybe..

when people asked about opinion on something,i just realize i can't think on their behalf anymore
either it is good for them or bad. at last my answer : you knew what is better for you.
not helping at all it isn't?

the feeling is gone, astaghfirullah. it is due to too much of thinking of others?peh, tak pernah berjasa langsung ada lah.


lately, isu nak tukar u ke tak. makin orang tanya. and about this issue most people said its depend on that particular individu how you survive, tak kisah time study or time start ho nanti. rezeki di tangan Allah. ada kerja tak ada kerja. boleh cope ke tak time kerja. so keep forward.


i thought a lots about 'sembang kemaih', sincerely today. do not know what to be worry but i just keep thinking about it.

people comes and goes. sometimes there are someone that keep us hard to let go. lagi-lagi bila orang tu adalah yang paling 'heart to heart'. sedih tu memang sedih. macam orang selalu cakap, bila dah tak ada baru terasa sayangnya.


Allah keep us apart to bond us tight! ;)

Thursday, July 25, 2013


hikmah sabar itu banyak dan indah
indahnya melangkaui dunia
ia datang dan pergi
hanya yang mahu dan tahu akan melihatnya

tengoklah dengan mata hati
betapa indahnya mesir
mengajar kita

17 Ramadhan 1434

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

someone said..

Ada masa kita diamanahkan untuk mentarbiah bukan bermakna kita hebat apatah lagi ia bukanlah satu lesen untuk kita sombong dan ego..kerana kita sedang memikul amanah untuk melatih dan mentarbiah teman-teman agar faham apa itu Islam yang sebenar..

Sampai satu masa kita juga akan ditarbiah..hari lepas kita mentarbiah dan hari ini kita ditarbiah..jangan ada rasa ego untuk malas menerima tarbiah..jangan ada rasa hebat untuk mengelak dari ditarbiah..

sepenggal sudah berlalu..

16 Ramadhan 1434

Friday, July 19, 2013

exam paper

alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal. esok yang terakhir, practical dan oral.

otorhinolaryngology a.k.a ear nose throat (ent)

macam biasa, before exam kita akan dapat format exam tu right?

written paper kami dimaklumkan format tukar, berbeza dengan tahun-tahun sebelum ni.
format yang biasanya ada soalan correlate, investigate, enumerate bla bla bla, operation, management, matching, keypoint in managing cases, differentiate. perkataan yang lebih tepatnya soalan berbentuk DIRECT.

ditukar 100% kepada give an account. 10 questions ONLY, without cases without anak-anak soalan. perkataan yang lebih tepatnya soalan berbentuk INDIRECT, more to general dan scope lebih besar. not too happy sebab kalau termiss bab, memang wajib paper tu kosong sebab dah tak da minyak nak goreng. tapi, bentuk macam ni lebih senang nak agak, soalan apa yang akan keluar, dah nama satu soalan 10 markah, tak kan isi 5 point nak masuk ya idak.

6 days before exam, here goes representative untuk ent bagitahu ada cases. so, 8 give an account + 2 cases.

and on the day of exam.

written question paper arrived, semua melangut. haha. ok format totally different. from soalan berbentuk general tukar kepada soalan direct. format exam 2010 tak salah. short notes, clinical pictures, define & clinical significance, MATCHING between disease-organism-treatment, lastly cases. all this 5 qs with the small questions.


yes, some people blame the department, felt *flipthetable*, kena trollolol, dan sebagainya.

reflect sekejap.

why you did the exam because of the score?you aim high for the mumtaz, but your knowledge going to no where. even, hardworking people ada pelbagai jenis, perbezaan mereka bergantung kepada niat mereka. why not you take the challenge to test what you knew from that knowledge. nak treat patient dah tak boleh nak kelas-kelas jenis patient, kena hadapi semua. i admit with the actual format insyaAllah we can score, biiznillah. biiznillah. biiznillah.

biiznillah, semua itu dengan izin Allah. kun faya kun. Allah Maha Berkuasa dan Maha Mengetahui. boleh jawab ka tak boleh jawab, semua dengan izin Allah. tawakal sepenuh nya kepadaNya. tenangkan hati kembalikan diri kepada Allah. semua ada hikmah.

11th ramadhan. semoga Allah redha.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

mengadu kepada Allah vs mengadu kepada rakan


segelintir manusia berpendirian mengatakan mengadu masalah kepada rakan adalah satu yang sia-sia. dengan alasan, rakan tak dapat nak buat apa-apa, kerana semua masalah itu daripada Allah. Allah itu Maha Mendengar, tak semua rakan mampu mendengar masalah yang akan diceritakan. alasan yang lebih baik iaitu tak nak bebankan masalah rakan yang sedia ada.

saya kurang setuju.

hujah saya :

- yang pertama!  (kurang kepercayaan kepada diri ini, sobs)
- 'friend is a God way in taking care of us'. segala keprihatinan mereka dilintaskan oleh Allah untuk menjaga kita.
- sahabat adalah cerminan diri.
- doa seorang hambaNya yang mendoakan hambaNya yang lain, lebih diangkat doa itu, biiznillah. bila mendoakan orang lain, peratusan keseluruhan doa yang yang diangkat lebih tinggi.
- sahabat yang baik akan sentiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan sahabatnya. e.g :
A : tak tau la kenapa asyik sakit perut ja ni?
B : makan la ubat. hang salah makan la tu. (*dalam hati : Ya Allah, kurangkan lah sakit sahabatku ini, permudahkan lah urusannya Ya Allah)

bersahabatlah kerana Allah.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


jangan sombong, jangan berlagak. tolong lah.

don't be reactive!

please lah, keep calm and be moree husnuzon.

jangan sombong, jangan sombong, jangan sombong.

diri tu sapa ja, nak sombong-sombong. dunia ini sekejap ja, sila bersabar.

don't judge by its cover, kadang-kadang orang yang kita rasa dia jahat, lepas ni dia beribu ganda lebih baik dari kita yang entah apa-apa. orang yang paling slow buat kerja dan banyak menyusahkan orang, dia yang lebih banyak idea dan melaju memudahkan orang.

astaghfirullah al a'zim.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

ouh, malesia.

21 tahun 9 bulan.

banyak perkara lagi yang perlu difikirkan.

teruslah bersabar. kerana sabar itu cantik dan indah.

janji Allah itu pasti.

" Dan ikutilah apa yang diwahyukan kepadamu, dan bersabarlah hingga Allah memberi keputusan. Dialah hakim yang terbaik. " [11:109]

teruslah merasai takut. setiap amalan, setiap butir kata dan tindakan tidak diterima Allah, supaya hati terus ikhlas keranaNya.

sabarlah! hanya masa yang berlari meninggalkan, malaysia hanya di situ.

mahallah kubri,tanta 2011
yep, wahashtini jiddan ummi wa abi, wa akhi.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


hasbunAllah wani'mal wakeel

janji Allah itu pasti! kemenangan itu pasti!


banyak amanah yang terlepas, banyak dosa yang dibuat

sempatkah berada dalam zaman itu, dalam diri masih begini.

hasbunAllah wani'mal wakeel

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

hasbunaAllah wani'mal wakil

Maaf, perasaan ini tidak sama dengan perasaan orang di luar sana yang bersorak.

tidak sama dengan orang di tahrir yang tengah bergembira dalam live tv di rumah ini

hasbunaAllah wani'mal wakil

selesai pengumuman dari tentera, Mursi overthrown

Inna lillah wa inna ilaihi roji'un. 

Malam ini malam yang mengecewakan pendokong-pendokong Islam. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

why medic why?

after all my decision is medicine course. its rare, because i rarely wrote about myself. *sigh

balik dari hospital, terfikir nak bertanya..

t : kenapa ambik engine?
s : tak berani nak main dengan nyawa orang.
t : ...*feeling wonder*

here the story. *ehem. 

sekolah rendah, kena tulis-tulis biodata (budak darjah enam normal) mai kat cita-cita, tulislah sat tulis cikgu (macam syok tengok mak ayah jadi cikgu, boleh marah-marah. heh :p) sat tulis doktor (sebab coool, budak-budak besa laa).

when grows up in sbp, hati ni tetap dah, tetap nak jadi doktor. insyaAllah. at least, dalam family ada part ganjil yang ambik sains-sains ni. sebab kakak dah amik math, yang lain agama :D one family, one doctor right? nanti bila apa-apa jadi kat hospital, ada gak orang yang boleh dicapai. *erk

ada satu scene tu, bersama beberapa orang rakan organize a camp for budak second year, manis jugak pengalaman di situ. *heee. perkhemahan di paya terendah ka apa tak ingat. sekeliling kawasan ada tasik, macam di pulau. cantik! ok the story is, one of student got abdomen muscle cramps. sebagai kakak faci yang baik bawak la adik ke bilik, bersama minyak angin untuk di sapu. few minutes later, kena panggil lagi, sebab adik tu bertambah sakit, oh ohh, ok calm. sampai sana perut dia merahhh. ok, sebab minyak panas tu kaler merah. its happened the other girl just put too many oinment on her. you know? if the oinmentt is red in colour, minyak sangat-sangat lah panas. i got this one at home too :'( pity this girl. my reflex action, i asked them if anybody here got extra scarf or small towel (handkerchief). lari-lari masuk toilet, i sweep out the oinment. the girl said she feeling better. im relieved. on that second, i determine to choose this! :')

here there climax! *clapping

after spm, sungguh orang cakap. malang sungguh tak berbau, kena masuk PLKN. but not a worst scenerio ever. sebelum register menangis-menangis tak mau masuk, lepas dua minggu my parent brought one letter from british council. ouh. then, menangis-menangis pulak tak mau keluaq. :'( haha. at least i do had experience in there *feeling proud. then there is my result, alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. He know the best! i never denied that. mula la sibukkan diri mengisi itu dan ini, apply semua yang ada, heee. usaha orang kata.

ouh, before that, tak sure timeline kat mana, but my grandmother got sick. and there is only me yang free. so, i need to stay up at the ward :) great experience there. the highlight is one of the nurse, mistaking me as one of their doctor. petunjuk Allah tu pelbagai right? *or its just me with the common face :( this also happened when my only younger sister admitted at hospital, heheee~ *actually this scene i told excitedly and repeatedly at everyone i meet. facepalm*

and there my upu result came out, of course i didn't apply medic. dah tau tak dapat tak yah apply ye idok.
1. asasi sains bersekutu (allied science) -uia
2. asasi farmasi - uitm mana tak sure
3. dah tak ingat
alhamdulillah semua yang di apply dapat. plus dapat matrik penang. murah rezeki, alhamdulillah so, anak-anak jangan tidoq lepas subuh! ni betul-betul jadi :(

but, my lovely ayah, kelihatan terfikir-fikir dua tiga menjak. im very filial daughter alhamdulillah, mak kata a, a laa, ayah kata b, b laa. so, kelihatannya ayah nak suruh amik medic. anaknya berserah sudah *rasa besalah sebab time spm tak study sungguh-sungguh :( time tu medicine course kat mesir tersangatlah famous. search punya search *ayah yang search ok T_T. thru agent medicmesir paling murah, ni bukan nak promote, but better pergi thru KPT la. more cheaper and less controversy *sigh. 

few people eagerly asked me not to take this course. haha. "doktor ni tak dak life, toksah la amik" tercabar ok, meh kita buktikan. heheh, walaupun ada ketika ku mengakui statement itu *sigh

ok, we goes back to the reality, now im forth year student of Tanta university, Misr. forth?? alhamdulillah ala kulli hal :) im happy with my great life which all from the Greatest Allah, Alhamdulillah :)

2009, old picture of mine and aby. hopefully everything going smoothly, biiznillah.

tension study, biasalah, buat perkara gini sampai satu tahap dia rasa besalah abis masa tak study. :p moh la kita study. doakan yang terbaik, sentiasa! sekian.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bila ia kita suka.

Running man.

Dulu bila terlampau stress, mula la menonton running man untuk mengelakkan diri dari berada dalam dunia sebenar sebentar. hahaha. gelak punya gelak sensorang. Sekarang, virus tu dah tak beberapa active dalam badan, mungkin dah adapt dengan immune diri. semakin kurang tengok, sedikit bosan, asyik game sama, tapi tak lah tak tengok langsung. heee.

Ermm, tak tahu macam mana virus RM ni boleh lekat, tak sure kakak ka member yang pengaruh :p diri sendiri nak tengok, salahkan orang. heh. 

Pagi-pagi post pasal running man dah kenapa? 

Dalam rumah ni ada empat orang. Dulu tengok sorang-sorang. Bila housemate tanya,

U : tengah buat apa? 
T : tengok running man. kekeke~ (sambung gelak balik)
U : ...
T : :)

Ok, sekarang depa bertiga pulak. heheh. sapa punya kejadah la ni. ish. Pagi-pagi pas solat subuh boleh bercerita pasai RM. tak cari pasai, sat ja la, pastu pegang buku. Nak exam kot! 

Bila ia sesuatu yang membahagiakan, kita akan suka dan suka. 

Sama dengan amal yang baik. solat berjemaah, puasa sunat, saling berkasih sayang, bertegur sapa, memberi hadiah, ehem. Apatah lagi perkara yang dibuat kerana Allah suka, lagii lagiii berganda kebaikannya. Dan bila ia ditunjukkan kepada yang lain dan membahagiakan, ia akan mempengaruhi orang sekeliling. Ini namanya biah. Betapa peri pentingnya memilih kawan. heee.

Duduk dalam satu kelompok, walaupun seorang sahaja luar biasa lain daripada yang lain, tetap akan mempengaruhi seluruh kelompok itu. Contoh sudah seperti di atas. *sigh* Oleh itu luarbiasakan diri anda dengan perkara yang membawa amal jariah. sekian.

Hakikat sekarang, orang takut untuk meluarbiasakan diri untuk menampakkan imej seorang pendakwah. Lalu dimodifiedkan dirinya kepada yang lebih sempoi sehingga kadang-kadang buat ia tersasar jauh. Nauzubillaah. Tak payah negativekan pemikiran yang sudah memang senang dipengaruhi, janji Allah itu benar, dan tiada yang benar melainkan janji Allah.

Nabi Muhammad SAW bersabda: 
"Islam mula tersebar dalam keadaan pelik & asing, dan Islam akan kembali asing pula , maka beruntunglah orang-orang yang asing.” ( Hadis Riwayat Muslim ) 

Tengah nak post, pasal ni tetiba ada status keluar pasal pengaruh kpop blablabla yang menjadi titik mula pengaruh itu. ambillah yang jernih, buanglah yang keruh. sekian. 

berempat :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

its in your hand!

When you look back there will be things you regret.
You made the wrong decision.

You made the right decision.

Life is about decisions.

1. Am i going to have the practical car or the fast car?
2. Shall i go to college or get a job?
3. Will i have green colour or pink colour?

Whatever decision you make is the only one you could make.
Otherwise you would make a different one.
Everything we do we choose.
So what is there to regret?
You are the person you choose to be.

- Paul Arden -

whether small or big, its your decision.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jangan remehkan hal- hal kecil :)

Sering kali hal-hal yang dianggap kecil berakibat penyesalan besar bila diremehkan.

Seperti kisah seorang anak kecil berlari dengan tergesa-gesa menuju ibunya lalu berkata, "bu, apa nama lubang yang ada di depan rumah kita?"

ibunya menjawab, "ibu sedang sibuk masak. Pergilah ke ayahmu!"

anak itu pun berlari menuju ke ayahnya dan menanyakan hal serupa, "ayah, apa nama lubang di depan rumah kita?"

ayahnya menjawab, "ayah sedang membaca quran. Pergilah ke kakakmu!"

Kemudian anak itu berlari ke arah kakaknya dan menanyakan hal serupa, " kak, apa nama lubang di depan rumah kita?"

sang kakak menjawab, "namanya sumur." anak kecil itu lalu berkata,

"kak, cepatlah pergi ke lubang itu. Adik kita jatuh ke dalam lubang itu kak."